Great expectations

Are you dismayed, frustrated, constantly struggling? Does your dog act completely opposite of how you thought they would? This is very common; and one of the most common behaviors is when your dog is interacting with other people. Whether those other people are strangers or people you know but your dog doesn't; it can be a challenge.

I have been called out on many occasions to deal with an aggressive Golden, a fearful Doberman or an over exhuberant IG (Italian Greyhound.) All of these examples are opposite from what the norm breed temperament specifies. But it happens alot more than people know about.

Training and educating yourself really helps with this type of situation. That and admitting that your dog is different. It is really more a human problem than a dog problem. They are who they are, we just need to come to terms with it. So you wanted a dog that loves everyone, even the out of control kids down the street. But what you got instead is a dog that does not want to meet anyone; especially the kids down the street.

This is often the cause for dogs being "dumped." Sad but true, the whole "you aren't who I wanted," human emotions kicks in and the result is often; try again. But you can change things; maybe not completely but definitely for the better. Sit down and decide today that this is your dog; you are this dogs person. What are the amazing things you love about your dog?

Obedience, training, more obedience and training. Training is never a bad thing unless it is bad training like brute force type training. Decide today that you are going to take charge, for better or for worse your dog deserves your best effort.

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