Monday yet again and all is well at our house. Tilley's tail is half again as small as yesterday and healing nicely. Thank goodness we are no longer considering a tail amputation as long as there are no twists in her recuperation. She is feeling much better; she's been off her pain meds for several days and seems much more lively.

She had her first run on Sat. morning with my husband and did amazingly well. It had been a very long time since she went for a full out run. He kept her mostly by his side to monitor her and she was full of excess energy.

It is so glad to be over the hump; we even managed dinner out lastnight as she is no longer attempting to remove her bandage. This morning she was calm when I removed her bandage and we even left it off while she took a nap outside. I kept a close eye on her as it is still very much an open wound and touching anything results in a velcro reaction.

During this ordeal Tilley was wearing an amazing new washable bandage that I found at Even the vet commented on it the last time we went for a visit. They have been wonderful and she was only able to remove them twice. They are secure, flexible and washable. I recommend them highly.

It is has been a long haul with many ups and downs but we are on the track to the end of the tunnel.

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