Good morning, I had a rough night lastnight. The skies are filled with the strong smell of smoke. I don't know if the winds have changed or what but its bad. We've had a busy weekend with a party taking place at our house Friday night and then cleaning it all up yesterday. We've had alot of people in and out.

The dogs spent the party time in our room. They are very well behaved but with a house full of 20 something year olds I cannot relax if I'm watching my guys. The doors are all open, the front door and gates are constantly left ajar and I'd be on the edge of my seat as a worrying Mom. So they spent the night comfy together on my bed.

They watched the goings on out my bedroom patio doors and slept the night away. When Luke is out and meeting new people he constantly enjoys intimidating people if he can. He is a butt head and just lastnight we had a regular visitor to the house for a few fleeting moments and LUke swung into gear immediately.

It is funny but such a commonly displayed behavior from both humans and dogs can be very misunderstood. People love to pet the dogs the second they come in. But, this is what Luke uses as a status placement. If you walk into someones house and immediately start lavishing attention on the dog; you have just raised their status and lowered yours.

Once Luke accomplishes this he attempts to show people that he is indeed in charge of his domain. Well, lastnight it wasn't happening and he got a firm scolding from me, Mom. With his eyes huge and his ears flat back I told him to "knock it off." He pushes, so tried it once more and was again poked into place by Mom.

He doesn't try to bite or anything but just behaves basically obnoxious by pushing, jumping and barking. I have an eagle eye when it comes to behavior and can see the slightest glimpse in the making. As bottom dog on the totem pole he likes to crawl up by intimdating whoever he can.

If people listen to my instructions and completely ignore him, he never gets the chance to intimidate. Funny behaviors.

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