Canine attire

I have very strong opinions on clothing for dogs. I usually don't talk about this subject a whole lot but thought seeing that fall is in the air and winter around the corner; now might be a good time.

I hate dog clothing, I cannot stand when people dress dogs up as little four legged people. But my dogs do wear coats occasionally. I hate dog clothing when their guardians dress them up or down depending on the event. For me, dog coats are used for a purpose not a fashion. Dogs were not meant to wear clothes; if they were they would have been given the ability to hit the mall and shop until they drop.

When people use coats as a fashion statement for their dogs; things change immediately. They start doing for themselves instead of for their dog. I have never met a dog that would rather wear clothing vs. no clothing. Unless that is; it is a dog who suffers from the cold. Again; for a purpose.

Many hollywood stars love to dress up their little pocket pooches and sport them around in their arm as a fashion accessory. This makes me crazy, exterior is everything to these people. Do they even know who their dogs are? Have they taken the time to get to know them? I think not.

I have two standard poodles who are very near due for a hair cut. The nights are starting to chill now so they will probably don a coat for a night or two until they get a little curl to help hold the warmth. Even on the coldest of nights I like the window open all the way so it can get very cold in our room. I use to have a little snow bank on my window sill in the morning when I lived in Canada and have a frozen window that I would have to blow dry to close.

My Jack Russell is already freezing in the evenings and mornings. When I put her out first thing; you would think I had thrown her into a blizzard. She shakes and shivers with her big brown eyes peering into the door begging to come in. So she gets her little jacket on until about 10 am when the sun ventures into our yard. Then you will find her basking in the nearest sunbeam.

My dog coats came from Old Navy. I wait until the end of the season and pick them up for 2.50; what a deal eh?

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