Not good-just plain weird

Tilley's tail looked great this morning when I opened up her bandaging but one trip inside to get her wash and new bandage and its looking strange. She only licked it a bit and it was completely transformed from looking pretty great to scary. The best I can guess is that the skin grew before the tissue was healed underneath. The new skin that was growing from the outsides in is like tissue paper that she ripped open in several places. It went to a nice light pink to bleeding like a fresh wound in a matter of minutes. Its not looking good.

I'm going to give it a couple of days and take another trip to the vet to see what he thinks. I thought we were just about there but after today I really don't know. I was so surprised by the tissue consistency and just how thin the skin is covering the wound. Her tail also bothered her alot today but she is not trying to take off her bandages which is a good thing.

At least I know I'm not off supervising duty yet, a couple of minutes can do alot of damage at this point still.

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