I was awoke early this morning by a gorgeous, long legged blonde guy tromping across the bed. It was chilly lastnight and that means that Luke is looking for a snuggle. I invite him to snuggle with me; who wouldn't? His balance is not great when he is half asleep and walking on the huge pillow top bed. He does his couple of circles and settles in beside me. He wants his head rubbed, he loves it and the more you rub the harder he pushes. What he loves most is when I rub from his nose up to between his eyes. I realize that this simulates a mother cleaning his face; remember I said he was a baby?

Back to sleep for a couple more hours and I am again awaken by a dog; this time it is Tilley making her communication noises. Ever since she was little she makes weird throaty noises which for many years I really didn't understand. But I have come to the conclusion that it is her best attempt at communication. She often will make the noise when she wants something but has also used it when I ask her questions. She really is almost human; I think it a poodle thing.

With all three dogs now curled up and asleep on the bed they are rudely awaken by the neighborhood dogs. The barking is especially bad this morning. There is a Jack Russell at the end of the street who has taken it upon himself to scream at every dog that passes by his house. And the other annoying barker's breed I have yet to figure out but its a big one. His bark is the kind that you know you don't want to meet the dog behind the fence. Very scarey.

So I am again in bed with my dogs enjoying my coffee and contemplating the day ahead. There is a doggy fashion show going on today which I think I might just swing by and shoot.

Have a great cool weekend and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my Cdn friends and family.

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