What is it about humans? We go through life assuming. I have to admit that I do it myself and yes; almost everytime I do it is the wrong assumption. I was talking about the color of our dogs with my husband this morning and how people tend to be afraid of dark dogs over light dogs. They assume a dark dog has a dark personality.

Almost everyone I meet thinks that my male is a female and my female poodle is a male. They assume because my female is dark grey and my male is light blonde that their sex is designated by this fact alone. My male almost always has a big furry face and is much taller than my girl, yet they go by color alone.

Strangers tend to want to pet Luke more than they want to pet Tilley. Luke is less likely to want to be pet and is a much more guarding type. In fact Luke has given several people quite a startle when they move in quickly to pet him. Because he is cuddly looking with his blonde curls make him no more approachable than a scarey looking black faced dog.

And; I love the fact that I do not clip my poodles as poodles. This helps people to see my dogs as the dogs they are. Often while out on a walk men will approach me saying "cool dogs, what are they?" When I tell them they are shocked "really?" "Wow, I didn't know I liked poodles." I love it, its like giving your kids a bowl of soup they love and then telling them there is spinach in it.

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