Its already Thursday?

This week has been one of those ones that somehow sneak by you. As I stood in middle of the kitchen this morning preparing breakfast I thought to myself "is it Thursday?" I went over the days gone by this week and came to the conclusion that it was indeed Thursday already. I can't believe it.

The dogs are looking good after their day of pampering; and everyone smells good. Actually the poodles always smell good; poodles do not get that doggy smell that other dogs get. My little Jessie gets that doggy smell but luckily she only weighs in at 15lbs. She is shedding like crazy right now as well, don't know what's up with that. She goes through non shedding and shedding all the time. Mostly she sheds in the hotter weather but it is cooling off and the hair keeps on a pour'n.

I'm planning a shoot with my three; they look so adorable together. When I do a shoot with my own or others dogs I try to capture the inner dog. If the shot is to include a human then I try to capture the connection between the two. I'm not big on "smile at the camera," type shoots, infact I find them to be really boring. And the shoots that include dog and guardian I don't allow looking at me. Unless the dogs gives me a out of the corner of their eye quickie.

Often a dog on their own will give me an amazing gaze into the camera and then other times the best shot is when the dog is gazing off somewhere far away. But when it comes to humans the draw to smile at the camera is so strong that it is very difficult for me to get the connection shot. I have been known to say "if you look at me I'm not taking the shot;" that usually does the job.

Anyone can pose someone and shoot. The resulting image is a lifeless one with both dog and guardian looking at whom ever is looking at the photo. No emotion, nothing to say that these two even know each other. I am currently looking for dog and guardian pairs to shoot for my portfolio so if anyone is interested, email me.

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