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Good Tuesday morning; it is 6:30 and I am still in bed, lazy eh? I was up lastnight with Luke for an hour and a half as he had a seizure and then the aftermath of it. He takes so long to settle and must be touching me at all times. He pants for at least 1/2 an hour and keeps his head up for an hour looking around. So after the 1/2 hour of panting I was fading quickly; I piled a blanket around his head and covered him up so he would settle and fall asleep. It worked and he seemed genuinely thankful for the head prop.

He never moved until just now. Of course once he was all comfy my head started its spinning. Don't you hate when you are exhausted by your head won't turn off. You try the old "think nothing," but that just leads you to thinking about something else. I finally dozed off just in time for my husbands alarm blaring away. I think I opened one eye but was soon back in deep sleep.

Other than a bad night sleep I'm pretty excited; I just launched my new website which will contain all of my articles wwith detailed instructions on behavior issues. You will be able to flip through the articles and downlowd the ones that pertain to your specific behavior issues, or at least your dog's behavior issues. It is just in the very beginning so there are no articles up yet but it is in exsistence. The new site is a spin off of this blog

Today will be spent working on articles, matching photos to the appropriate article and uploading them to the website. I am also working on several articles and photos for a couple of magazines. Busy, busy.

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