This was me yesterday with my dogs. I've never taken a photo of myself before so this is the first. I finally learned how to use my timer and will probably use it alot now for my book photos and article photos on my other site at

Today was dog maintenance day again. Everyone had a bath, the poodles got their feet shaved; and everyone had their nails cut and filed. Since we have moved into a home with wood floors I make sure that the dogs have their nails filed as well as cut. Cut nails are sharp leaving scrathes on the floor. They also cut skin really easily which I have happen several times myself.

I plan on purchasing a dremel tool one of these days as filing 48 nails in one day is quite the job. But my dogs are all great about it, they hand over their paw; turn their head and let me do my stuff. Each dog gets a yummy treat after the nail cutting, it has become something they look forward to. When they see the nail cutters in my hand they all jump up and down, they don't even think about how much they hate getting their nails cut.

Even Tilley had a bath today, her first in many weeks. First she had her face and feet shaved; she is just way too beautiful to have a huge fur face. Luke on the other hand suits a fur face and I think he is adorable with it. So with the greatest of care I suds up Tilley without getting any water on her tail and clean her from head to base of tail. Boy she needed it.

My poodles are ultra easy care, none of the hours of brushing, grooming, clipping etc. for me. Nope, a #7 blade and it all comes off. Every week they get a quick brushing but if they are having regular bathtime then their hair curls up in tight ringlets. These ringlets are the very beginning of cords which their hair wants to naturally do. I do not want corded poodles but little curls stop the matting of undercoat.

I am always stopped and asked what breed of dogs I have. Mostly people think they are either Goldendoodle or Labradoodles because they don't have the recognizable "poofs" on them. I've even had a lady with a standard poodle ask me what they were, intelligent!

So they are all clean and beautiful again; Jessie is shedding like crazy. Being a Jack Russell which is only less worse than a lab shedding because she is smaller but it pretty much rains little white hairs when you have a smooth JRT. The pay off for never having to clip is to live with the hair, and honestly I'd rather clip. But I love the little munchkin.

I love these maintenance days, its all about the dogs. Its almost like a day off when I get to spend the whole day with the dogs. They are all now curled up and asleep after their rough pampered day.

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