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Good morning, I woke this morning to the smell of smoke. I was actually coughing as I woke; it's pretty strong and I cannot imagine how bad it is closer to the fires. If you have not seen the news about the fires in Southern California yet, we're burning pretty good. The winds are strong and not helping matters with the dry conditions.

I had a great canine photo shoot yesterday, great dogs; great guardians but bad weather. I worked around it, the winds were awful and just minutes into my shoot I was chewing sand in my gum, yum. Luckily I brought a hair tie so that my hair was not in all of the shots. The wind was so bad that I truly couldn't believe it; I stood there on the beach with the sand blasting me and thought "of course."

But luckily the shoot was yesterday and not today as the skies are filled with smoke. Lastnight as I looked out our front window I could see an ominous looking cloud type formation just right of the sunset. As I watched closely it was moving fast as I realized it had to be smoke. I went immediately to turn on the tv and heard about the beginning of the Santiago Canyon fire, not far from us.

The sun is not up yet so I'm not sure what it looks like; I just know that it smells bad. I had planned on doing a huge walk with Jessie this morning; the poodles are exhausted from two days of power running with my husband so they are off for the day. I'll know later if I'm going out with Jessie once the sun rises. Everyone has already had their morning cookie and are back on my bed asleep and happy.

Both Luke and Jessie had upset stomachs Saturday night and yesterday. I bought a new bag of dog food and it did not look or smell like it usually does. It didn't smell bad; just like I didn't get the same kind that I usually get. We'll see if that is the cause or not in a couple of days.

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