Laying down with dogs

I love having a pack of dogs and I love that when I lay down on my bed, couch or lounge outside that they all lay with me. If you have an independent type dog; he/she may not always lay with you. I have two very following dogs and one who is a pack member but much more independent in nature. No one would ever guess that my independent dog is Tilley. Everyone assumes that the loner is Jessie.

My days consists of moving around alot. Because I am a photographer and writer; it means that I am on the computer for a large percentage of my day. But, I have a bad neck; I've been in two rear end collisions in the past several years. If I am on the computer for too long; my neck tells me so. This means that I try to break up my time on the computer with gardening, baking and general household chores. So my pack is always in motion.

Like I've said before; I have beds all over the place and there are two in the computer room. Luke and Jessie are always where I am unless for some reason I have left them in the backyard for a while. Tilley occassionally will join us but she is more often somewhere else busying herself. At 10 1/2 she is still very active; while the other dogs are sleeping she is almost always outside chasing shadows or playing with a ball. Just yesterday I told her how amazing she looks for her age. :)

Lastnight was a beautiful night, the scorching day was finally cooling with the evening air. We all sat out on the patio with a great glass of cabernet enjoying the night; Luke was on the lounge with us, Jessie on the bed beside us and Tilley was wondering the yard. Funny that Luke is always by my side, he who is the most energetic out of the bunch turns into what I call a porch dog if I should sit or lay down anywhere.

He quietly sniffs the air and watches Tilley make the rounds. Typical male; he lets her secure the perimeter and only gets involved if she should see or smell something very interesting. With his huge ears up he keeps a keen eye on her; but he has no intention of leaving the comfort of the big double chaise he is enjoying. Once Jessie is down; curled into a very tight ball; she is pretty hard to get up. Even at bedtime she is hesitant to move from the warmth of her body ball; and I typically have to physically bring her to bed.

The pack all goes to bed together and rises together.

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