Thursday morning

Hi all, the smoke is bad, really bad this morning. We had to leave the air on lastnight because of the air quality being so bad. It hits you the second you step out of the door. And this morning you can actually smell fire. Everything is covered in ash and the visibility is very poor. Where I usually can see for miles and miles I can only see the home right at the bottom of the hill from us.

The dogs are doing okay, Luke had a couple of energy burst yesterday that manifest themselves in a zoomie. A zoomie is when there is an uncontrolable burst of energy or excitement. The girls are fine, they don't seems as bothered being that they are both senior citizens.

I was just outside trying to clean up a bit, everything is covered in ash and very fine silt like dirt, its just a mess.

I went out to shoot fire but there is too much smoke to see anything but smoke. On the way back there was a guy on his bike with his boxer. HELLO PEOPLE, do not take your dogs out in this. IF YOUR FOOL SELF wants to exercise in this type of air quality; don't take your dog down with you.


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