I took this shot lastnight off my bedroom balcony. The smoke was laying heavy on the horizon but the skies above were clear. With the temps reaching into the high 90s it was good to have it cooling off a little. This morning we woke up to the smell of smoke, it was strong. It was dark so I couldn't see how bad it was.

Around 6:30am I decided to head out and shoot some smokey sunrise shots. It wasn't long until the sky was completely socked in. There is no blue sky today, everything is a shade of grey except for the sun peeking through the smoke, it is a creepy glowing orange color.

I tried to get over nearer to the Santiago fires but the roads are all blocked off now; allowing only the locals who live there. I was turned around by a couple of policemen wearing white masks on their face. Looking past the boundary I thought to myself "do I really want to go in there?" It was a solid wall of smoke broken up only by the heavier more ominous smoke that came directly from the flames.

I was able to get some shots from the top of a hill where I tusually run my dogs. These guys are getting antsy, its been since Sunday that they have been in the house with no run, no walk. When I arrived home; getting out of the car and grabbing my gear I realized that my daughters convertible bugs roof was covered in ash. As I reached for my bad ashes fell out of my hair, this is really bad. The air is awful today.

There's not much to do today but stay indoors and work. I'll be working on photos, writing and several of my websites while we wait this out.

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