Isn't it funny how different people love different breeds. One of the many great things about photographing dogs is the fact that I get to listen to people go on about their dog. It usually only takes one question to get them going; dog lovers love to talk about their dogs, I know that for a fact. I love hearing why people love there dog so much and all the little quirks about each of them.

Many people love a particular breed; some just love dogs in general. It is interesting meeting each and every new pack combination. Dogs are special and no two are ever alike; even within the same breed and sex. I have had standard poodles for over 23 years now and no two have been the same. Same breed dogs do have common traits which is why people tend to stick to one breed; but once you get to know them the individuality of each is very interesting.

I love just about all dogs out there, doesn't matter if they are a breed or a mix I just love dogs. A couple of breeds that I think make great pets for the average canine guardian are the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog or Frenchie is a wonderfully compact little package. They are smaller than the English Bulldog and built a little bit more proportionally allowing them more athletic capabilities than their English cousin. Their ears are erect; but their faces are flat common to other brachycephalic dogs like Bostons, Pekenese, shih tzu etc. This flat face body structure makes it important to keep a close eye on over heating in the breed.

French Bulldogs generally have wonderful temperaments that make them a great addition to a family. They are intelligent and fun loving. I have had the great priviledge of attending a Frenchie get together and found that watching these little guys have fun was very entertaining. They come in an array of colors to suit everyone and their sizes allows you to take them just about everywhere with you. It also might allow you to have more than just one. :)

The Boston Terrier is not actually a terrier breed, they do not have the tenacious personality of a true terrier, but a much more mellow personality. They are one of the true American breeds and like the Frenchie they also have the flat face sydrome that you must take extra care of. Not only do they suffer from extreme heat; all those little folds in their face must be kept clean daily so that they do not become a health issue.

Bostons eyes can be a concern as well as they can stick out further than their face which leaves the eye susceptible to damage. The Boston also has a wonderful temperament and all that I have met have been extremely friendly. They are black and white but do come in shades of brown and brindle as well. Many Bostons have cropped ears but many also have naturally upright ears. Hopefully soon North America will catch up to Europe and disallow ear cropping (that in another post).

Bostons are very intelligent as are most breeds but can have a mind of their own at times. They have wonderfully fun and entertaining personalities and make a great addition to a family.

Unfortunately both breeds are small which makes them perfect for the Puppy Millers to pump out. Watch where you get your Frenchie or Boston from, do your research and support a reputible breeder.

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