A couple of breeds

As I have said many times; I love just about all dogs. Not so much the ones that have tried to devour me though so they are not included in the "all dogs." Many people ask me what I think of certain breeds and I'm about to tell you. I'll start with the most popular and work down the list. Labs have to be the number one dog that I have worked with and I believe that they are the most popular breed in America and have been for sometime.

Within each breed there is a huge spectrum of personalities and body types. I have worked with shy and fearful to very aggressive in almost every breed so although they may look like they come out of a cookie cutter; no two dogs are alike.

Labs are wonderful, high energy, intelligent, enthusiastic and devoted dogs. They come in three basic colors, black, yellow and brown. The yellow has an array of subtle colors within its own category; blonde to "red," which is the new name they are putting on them to raise interest and sell puppies. Red is simple a dark yellow lab, so don't be fooled. Labs shed a ton, probably about as much shedding as you'll ever see so be forwarned.

Labs typically love water; but not all. I know people who wanted a water dog desperately and ended up with a water hating lab so nothing is for sure. But most labs I have known cannot stay out of the water; whether it is at the beach in a pool or just in a bowl in the backyard or kitchen.

They have endless amounts of energy which needs to be used up in a controlled environment. You must take the time to exercise both your labs body and mind. If you don't they will; ask anyone who has had their backyard renovated by their lab or new decorative holes chewed into their walls.

If you have one of the mellow labs you are a lucky one. Labs are great, if you can make it through the first few years you'll have a dog that everyone envys.


Bulldogs are the 2nd most common breed that I work with. The English bulldog, not the little Frenchies, which I will discuss later. If you have never met a bulldog I highly recommend meeting and getting to know one. To me they are the funniest, most expressive dogs that there is. I absolutely adore them and could watch them for hours. Each one that I have known has been very different and individual.

Contrary to belief Bulldogs are highly intelligent. Almost everyone of my guardians has given me the excuse that their dog is; well a bulldog. I then show them how smart their dog is; so smart that they have convinced their guardian that they can't learn anything.

Bulldogs are physically challenged though and you must take this into consideration. They cannot tolerate the heat well due to their flat muzzle and their bodies are not meant for swimming. Please take great caution around water with your bulldog.

Another misconception is that they are meant to be fat; your bulldog will probably have you convinced that they are continually starving; they do love food. But there is nothing more beautiful that a shapely bulldog. So exercise and a proper diet are a must.

I love bulldogs.

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