What's for dinner?

What did your dogs have for dinner tonight? My guys had salmon, potato, peas, and ground flax seed. Luke had a smidgin of butter on his just to get him started. These dogs are very lucky that their Dad fishes alot. And for me cooking the salmon is becoming a daily routine that is getting easier and easier. I've now figured out how to easily rid the fish of their bones and the meat comes right off of the skin.

The peas I had forgotten that i bought for them a couple of weeks ago and found at the bottom of the freezer. They had obviously been pushed out of the way to make room for the cream puffs, ice cream and other goodies. We had mashed potatos for dinner so the dogs got their potatos before I added the butter and sour cream. And the ground flax seed is something we have all started eating, its good for everyone.

I think I might make a trip to the butcher tomorrow for a raw treat for the dogs. I typically pick up stewing beef when I'm going to feed raw because then I don't have to cut it up which can be quite a process for three hungry mouths.

All three are tucked in and covered up with their down comforters, it's chilly tonight.

Sweet dreams.

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