Friday rain

Its raining this morning, woooo hooooo. The rain should clean up most of the ash from the fires and hopefully we won't need to deal with it being airborne again. Although now anyone living on a steep slope has to worry about mud slides, not good. My dogs will not want to go out in the rain this morning along with thousands of other Southern California dogs. They are pretty use to warm sunny weather and can be big babies about weather in general.

I have to tell you I was in Homegoods yesterday with my daughter when we came across some great dog toys. I always buy three new dog toys and three new Nylabones for my guys at Christmas. Here is the link to the Nylabones I have used for over 25 years, . This is the style and I buy the "wolf" size. Poor little Jessie has to deal with the big ones because we cannot have small chokeable ones in the house with the poodles.

The toys I got for them are the same ones I recently saw at a pet store for over three times the price. They are stuffed tough toys that are suppose to be tough enough for the roughest dogs. Both Luke and Jessie have an agenda when a new stuffed toy comes into the house, gut it. Make a hole, get to the sqeaker and pull all the stuffing out and spread it around the house. At least it's fairly easy to clean up.

Tilley on the other hand is gentle and keeps her toys. I make it clear right from the start that Tilley's toy is hers alone and if one of the other dogs should touch it, they hear from me about it. Last year they were very good about leaving Tilley to her toy, of course until we went away and "Mom" was not around to know any better. I found the gutted toy when I returned home. So Luke and Jessie have the "invinsible" toys and Tilley got an adorable soft and squishy snowman that she will no doubt take great care of.

I will let you know how these tough toys hold up after I let the beasts at them.

Have a great weekend.

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