Sunday morning

Good morning, its a fabulously cold morning. My little Jack Russell is laying the sunbeam beside my bed and the poodles are out with Dad on their run. Luke was like a torpedo this morning and he ripped out the front door to dive into the back of my SUV. This is the exact image of my SUV although because of the rain on Friday, my xterra is pretty clean. It is the perfect dog trainer/photographer, dog lover vehicle and I have never loved a vehicle more.

Okay enough about my xterra. I wanted to discuss the common dilemma of many families. The whole "the dogs don't listen to me" scenario. Many of my clients have complained that although the dogs are wonderfully trained and listen to Mom amazingly; they don't listen to Dad or the kids. This is a problem that is very easily resolved by interaction. Everyone who is going to want your dog or dogs to listen to them must work with the dogs.

If the kids or your husband or wife does not work with the dog; never hands down any rules to be followed and is basically a play toy for your dog; then your dog is not going to listen to them. I as a trainer never expect someone else's dog to listen to me like they listen to the head of the household. I don't live with them and I don't make the rules in their house. If your kids ask the dog to sit, stay or come and they completely ignore them; this is a clear sign that your dog does not see them as an enforcer.

All it takes is a little interaction a little working with the dog and presto, problem solved. Have your kids feed the dog every so often; the dog must sit before eating. Have your kids do a sit stay and enforce it; teach them how to gently but firmly enforce. If it is either the hubby or wife that does not work with the dogs all the time then they need to do this as well. Everyone in the home should be able to control the dog or dogs. If not, then get to work.

And please, never expect someone else's dog to listen to you.

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