It's November already

I can't believe where the time has gone. Sometimes life just gets going a little bit too fast and we need to slow it down a bit. I think hitting the beach today might just slow it down for me a little. Doesn't a walk on the beach just make you slow down? Not only mentally but definitely physically, how hard is it to walk in sand?

Anyhow, I was out lastnight and on my return I was being barked at pretty steadily as I hunted for my keys. The dogs know its me, I tell them through the door. We also have a window they can see me through, I'm a little distorted but they know its me. Luke was the trouble maker and was not stopping, he wasn't even considering it. You can always tell if they are thinking about listening or not. He wasn't.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not but Luke's common greeting when he is super excited is what we call the praying mantise. He comes at you with out stretched arms up on his hind legs. Its a definite "watch your eyes" behavior. As physcially dangerous as it is; it always brings a smile to my face. He truly is a whirling maniac. The barking does not stop once I'm in but is added to by some spinning, jumping and biting.

Luke is in full coat right now so has a nice big furry face to grab a hold of when it comes to close. He was full of it lastnight and along with all the regular craziness did add biting. If you didin't know him and his crazy routine; this would be quite a frightening scene. So, I stop in my tracks and stand upright; the spinning slows right away. I tell him not ask him; to sit. Once he is sitting more or less he is much calmer.

You can hear his heaving breathing of excitement, it is all he can do to keep in the sit position. And if you bend down to talk to him; the chance of having your hair bit is pretty good. Just the other day my daughter came down in the morning after waking up. Luke always gives the hugest greeting even in the morning; and he latched onto her hair pretty good. "Mom, Luke just bit and pulled my hair." "Yes, he does that."

Once you start to move he either completely stops his excitement and just relaxes or more often he follows while constantly nudging your legs the whole way. We have a big mirror in the diningroom so on the way to the kitchen I can watch his behavior by my side. With an open mouth (when he's happy its open) his head is stuck to my leg, he is a very physical guy.

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