Noise and doorbells

I'm grouchy this morning, its early; not even 6 am yet and I'm so groggy. I was awakened at 4 by the dog next door as she attempted to catch some sort of rodent from behind the garbage bins. She is an outside dog and you all know how I feel about outside dogs. Being that she is on the far side of the garage I'm sure her owners were nice and cozy sleeping away while I listened to her moving the garbage bins around in her chase.

As lastnight was Halloween I dashed off to the store to get a doorbell. Since we moved into our new home we have been doorbell less. But having no doorbell when all the little munchkins come a calling is tough. So I got one that has 64 different chimes, its pretty cool. My daughter and I sat and listened to many until finally settling on the sports charge.

Of course everyone in the family didn't think that this was the best choice of rings so once again we went through many to find just the right ring. What I did realize and had not even considered when I purchased the bell was that there was so many different rings. Once the dogs get adjusted to one ring and the idea of that meaning someone is at the door, I can change it.

Lastnight they never barked once until the bell was put onto the traditional ding dong sound. That was the "ah ha" moment as Oprah says. This is going to be a great thing. Typically we desensitize the doorbell by ringing it whenever, especially when no one is around. Then once the bell is rung you go about your business like nothing. This really works great; giving the doorbell less meaning to the dogs.

I think this is great, a new sound each week will keep the dogs in the dark hopefully.

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