A smile on your face

We should all know by now that having a pet in our life is good for us. I read an article years ago which I am going to try to find on the net today; about how we are not as healthy now that we have moved away from the farm way of life. I'm a big believer of dirt, I try to use as little chemical cleaners as possible and opt for vinegar and baking soda for as much as I can. My family has been (knock on wood) very healthy to this point.

I am not a cleaning fanatic by a longshot but I like my house to be very tidy and clean. Infact I have had several people suprisingly say "you have three dogs?" while looking around my house in astonishment. So back to farm living, the more regular dirt and germs that your body comes into range with throughout the day the more your body can handle. Of course I'm not talking about filth and buckets of germs, just regular everyday stuff.

I truly believe that people who have dogs (I know other pets count as well) are much happier and healthier. Each day my dogs make me smile, and it is the small things that do it for me. Watching Luke wait patiently while he stalks a lizard across the back wall or Tilley enjoying a good roll in the grass and then showing up at the backdoor covered from head to toe in all the dead grass she pulled out of the lawn.

One of the greatest things dogs give us is being dogs. How much fun is it to watch your dog having a blast being a dog. The beach or a park are some of the best places to see it. Dogs running free and loving every second. Watching a dog dig a hole is completely enlightening; of course only if it is not in the beautiful garden you just spent hours planting.

I walked into my yard yesterday to see a pile of dirt outside of one of the planters, a huge smile came to my face as I pictured long legged Luke in there flinging dirt everywhere. Seeing my little Jack Russell Jessie trigger my a movement in the bushes makes me smile. And watching my three dogs all covered in blankets cozied up together twitching away in their dreams makes me smile.

Dogs truly do bring meaning to our lives each and everyday; so start watching for those amazing little things they do for us.


  1. I think your blog has a lot of good information on it. Thank you and God bless


  2. Thanks Joseph, I'll check out your site. And, if you want to send a sample to me I'd be happy to have it taste tested and post the results on here.



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