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Good morning, I had a great day yesterday. Met a wonderful canine guardian in the morning for a very special shoot I'm doing next week. Went to my favorite camera shop and got a very cool new thingy for my camera and then hit the beach with my daughter and three dogs. It was hot yesterday which I was not happy about; its fall and I want it to feel like it. So we went to the beach in hopes of spending some cooler time with the dogs, didn't happen.

It was hot even down at the beach; but the dogs had so much fun. Jessie was with my daughter just out of the waters reach and I was in the water with my two poodles; even as cold as it is they love being in the water. It never fails though; no matter how short my shorts are I always seem to end up getting wet; and yesterday was no different. It wasn't bad yesterday, just a bit wet around the edges, nothing like the last time we hit the beach.

Jessie is a very dominant little female, the fact is that most Jack Russell are very dominant so this is a typical trait. She was a little bit misbehaved at the beach because she was not hooked up to me; she was walking with my daughter. It is very interesting how behavior depends very much on "who is in charge." I am a very strong leader, I do not like bad behavior and do not tolerate it. But I am also a big softy and dish out hugs and kisses freely. :)

I believe in training dogs until they are reliable and working to modify any undesirable behaviors. And any leftover unwanted behaviors should be managed; like many of Luke's fallout behaviors of being a reactive dog. He had lunged at Tilley going out the front door yesterday and getting in the car to go to the beach. This is a fallout of his overexcitement; and when we arrived at the beach he whined and paced like a crazy dog. Lunging at the other dogs happens when he becomes over excited; I know its coming and I am all over it.

The girls don't even acknowledge Luke's behavior when he is in this state. I think they actually try to pretend that he isn't with them; "he's not with us, never seen this guy before!" But as crazy as he is; it is again, a joy to watch him enjoying himself. Once we all got home there was a quite in the house as the dogs took up their resting place in the familyroom and snoozed a good longtime.

Lastnight they ate a meal consisting of cooked beef, cut baby greens and cheerios. This seems to a big hit; at least for Luke as the speed of his consumption definitely excelerated. All my dogs are grazers so they really seem to like it when I put chopped baby greens in their meal. I know I love a huge big bowl of it for my meal; so it makes sense to me.

Now this morning they have had their favorite cookies which are the Peanut Butter flavored ones from Trader Joe's. They are made by Blue Dog Bakery and they have been a huge hit since I first bought them several years ago. They are by far the best dog cookies and even Luke; my boy that will sometimes turn down meat, never turns down a Blue dog bakery cookie. Although I have not tasted them, they smell fabulous.

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