TGIF once again

Good morning, the weather is great; nice and cool and yesterday I was even chilly. I plan on enjoying every chilly minute of it this weekend before it goes back to normal temps. I'm sure the retail shops will be thrilled about the cooler weather. Here in California most people aren't big fans of the cold so they will be hitting the malls. That and the fact that the cooler weather makes you want to start your Christmas shopping.

But for those who have dogs; its great news. So often it is just too hot to do anything with your dogs; except to hit the beach. So the beach will be less crowded for sure, good time to be at the beach I say!! And photography? It is so nice to do a shoot and not be trying to keep cool at the sametime. You wouldn't think that simply photographing dogs makes you hot but it does. It is the constant up, down, up, down. So when the weather is in the 80s or 90s, I'm not a happy shooter.

I had a great shoot yesterday; with a great dog and great guardians. It was in fact with a Great Dane; a wonderfully gentle giant. If any dog could sell you on the amazing qualities of the breed; it is this big boy. Walking up to their front door you see the head of the giant peering through the front window. No need to knock, he knows you're there; and you know he knows by the bellowing bark coming from within.

Everytime I see a dog of this size I am truly amazed. I have met many Great Danes in training but this guy is special. Not only is he gorgeous to look at but he has the most wonderful temperament. And to top it off he is one of my star students. I love to hear how early training got a dog on the right track. And that "positive reinforcement training" works for all sizes. So many people think that only small dogs can be trained using positive methods, sad. Dogs from the tiniests to the tallest, sensitive, confident to the bull headed all benefit from positive training methods.

This Great Dane is proof enough that large dogs don't need harsh training. To think that large dogs should be trained differently than small dogs is just as ridiculous as treating small dogs like dolls instead of the dogs that they are. Each dog is an individual; but size has nothing to do with how you train a dog. Size has only to do with where you step or how you decorate your home; or maybe the size of car you purchase. :)

I love them all, pocket pups, the middle man up to the gentle giants.

Can't wait to meet some new dogs today!!!!

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