2 TGIF posts?

Hello again, I was just sitting on my kitchen floor holding Luke's breakfast. What an image eh? Here you go your Highness!!! Well, its not like that; Luke has got a really sore neck and finds it very difficult to lower his head to his bowl. And the whole raised bowl issue is one that I don't buy except for when they are hurting. So anyway, there I was on the floor watching him take every mouthful when I thought that I should let you all know what I feed my dogs.

So many people that I talk to are diehard "dogfood" feeders. Many people have asked me "you cand feed that to your dog?" When I tell them what I feed. So, this morning my guys had a cooked breakfast, ground beef, king salmon, potatoe, ground flax seed and chopped baby greens. Sounds pretty good. Lastnight as I sat on the floor again they ate cooked beef, cut apple, tomatoe and pasta.

The great thing about feeding the dogs this way is that their system gets use to eating differently everyday, like us. So many dogs that eat the same thing day in and day out; get an upset stomach with the slightest change in their diet. So this way, wherever I am or whatever I am doing I can feed my dogs and be pretty certain their stomachs will be okay. Now of course there are things that upset them, some things are very individual and some are more across the board.

Fat is a very big no no. All of my beef is rinsed; once cooked I rinse off all of the fat. I buy my beef at Trader Joe's; it cost 1.99lb which is a great price but it does have a little bit higher fat content that the expensive stuff. I always trim the fat from any meat they are getting and make sure to remove the skin from the fish. I often will make them an omlette for breakfast; it is very different from the one I make my husband and son. ;)

Have a good one!

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