The art of deception

How good are dogs at deceiving one another? They are actually very good although I do not believe that they have pre-thoughtout their deception. Dogs learn through association; everything is associated to something.

Lastnight as we sat in the livingroom Luke stood up and barked looking at the door. He is not a nonsense barker and only barks when he truly feels the need. He definitely deceived me and Tilley who was the planned deceivy.

Luke knows that when he barks the other dogs will get up to see what is what. So, when he barked Tilley dropped the bone that Luke was so anxiously waiting for and he swooped in and snagged the bone. This left Tilley standing boneless in the middle of the room as she watched the whole scene unravel before her.

This happens alot more than we know and it also works with humans. Just watch closey and you will see that even your dog knows how to deceive.

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