Wet dogs

Its raining again here in Sunny California, but again we need it. With all the fires of this year; I'm hoping the rain will make a dent in the dry scrub. Although my husband will none to happy about the muck he will be contending with on the weekend if the sun does not come out and dry the canyon out.

Having poodles I do have the luxury of no shedding in my home except for my tiny Jack Russell. Who for a dog of her size rains white hair anywhere she rests. And if she happens to get mad, it blizzards white hairs. She basically sheds the same amount as a labrador but in a smaller package.

My poodles on the other hand act as very large chunks of velcro. Their coat picks up anything and everything from burrs, grass, bugs, even slugs, and holds a ton of water. So in exchange for hair on my floors I have debris in my dogs, which I choose.

But rain and poodles does not go, you can wipe dry a smooth coat but these guys soak it up. Yep, soggy dogs for several days now. I truly love poodles (not sarcastic, much anyway.)

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