Good morning, it is Boxing Day and I am feeling some better. It is 7:30 and I just woke up, had a few sips of coke and water and my stomach sounds like the roaring of a bull elephant. I will eat today; yesterday I had a whopping 1/2 cracker for Christmas Dinner. I will be cooking Christmas dinner today and hopefully no one else will be sick. I spent the day with my dogs yesterday in bed.

Luke doesn't leave my side; even when he received his first Christmas present he left it in the middle of the floor to join me in bed. This year my dogs received two toys each, one that I purchased and one that their Dad purchased. When we give them their toys we are very clear on who's toy is who's. Both Jessie and Luke wreck their toys but Tilley keeps her; treating them gently and kind.

Luke has a very hard time leaving Tilley's toys to her. He will quite literally do his best to steal them but he's is sly about how he goes about stealing. He will drop his toy right on top of hers so that "hey, its not his fault that her was there and got chewed as well." Lastnight he carried her toy downstairs to be with me; when I saw him I told hi to drop it and leave it. He did for a while but the toy was calling to him. He picked it up again and I said "don't make me get up." I did and gave him a startling push away from the toy; he didn't see me coming and was completely consumed by the toy when I poked him.

He fearfully jumped away from the toy; clearly he had not thought I would get up off the couch to enforce. He then made large circles around the toy in an attempt to stop himself from taking it again. I kept the toy in my sites and he left it alone. We all want stuff, even dogs but we do have to learn to take other peoples stuff.

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