TGIT-to touch or not to touch

Good morning, I'm hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had our Christmas dinner lastnight; I had one piece of plain turkey and some potatoes while Luke stood drooling awaiting his turn. Yes of course my dogs had turkey, but with basmati rice, green beans and ground flax seed. They loved it. I cooked two turkeys this year because I couldn't get one large enough so I'm happy that we have lots of turkey left overs.

After dinner we watched a great movie; I lay on the leather couch surrounded by the dogs. As I lay watching the movie I rubbed Tilley's feet; which is oddly enough something she has loved since the day we brought her home. The first time the breeder came to visit her at our house she took Tilley's foot and rubbed it. "She is just like her Mother," exclaimed the breeder. Most dogs are very against having their feet touched and I have had to work with many of them so that they do not bite the hand that touches their feet. But if you do it correctly even the most foot sensitive dog can be turned around.

On my other side lay Luke with his face mashed into the blankets. Luke loves to have his face rubbed; he regularly knocks me down as I bend down to see him and he rubs his face on me with the force of a typhoon. He also loves to have the strip of his face from his nose to his between his eyes rubbed. It puts him in a sort of trance; and I believe this motion simulates the behavior a mother performs to clean her puppies. It is a behavior he adores but is reserved for family alone as it is a very up close and personal moment.

Luke is a regular foot dog; he is not keen on having his feet touched but if I do it correctly he will allow me to massage his feet and enjoy it. You have to take it slow and you have to be very matter of fact about it. If you are sketchy at all, they do not like it. I usually take hold of his leg up higher as he is laying down and move down to his foot. He may resist a couple of times and then settle for a rub.

And my little Jessie, she likes to have anything rubbed.

Have a great day all.

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