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Good morning; as I sit here in my comfy bed I'm thinking that beds just might be a great subject to discuss. I'm a huge fan of dog beds; not only for the comfort of our dogs but as a great way to keep the dogs off the furniture. Over the years I have met many people who role their eyes at the idea of giving their dog their own bed. I don't understand the reasoning behind having "dog bed" issues but I believe it must go way back to when dogs slept only outside on the porch.

Have you ever taken off a jacket or sweater that accidentally ended up on the floor; only to find your dog curled up on it? Dogs love comfort plain and simple; oh there are a few out there that are just as happy on cold hard ground but most are much happier with a little cush under them. And rightfully so, why should they not be comfortable? Have you ever slept on the ground, a wood floor or concrete patio? It is not comfortable and when you get up you will be constantly reminded over the day that you slept on a hard surface the night before; believe me. I have slept several hours on the floor when I've had a sick dog; not good.

As I have said many times before I have dog beds all over my home; all are used. If I had a bed that was just never used I would get rid of it to make floor space. With the addition of our Christmas tree to our livingroom we had to move around the dog beds. Right now there are two on top of each other which the dogs find very acceptable; except that it means only one or two can lie on them. I have to figure out this bed situation this morning.

I also have dog beds outside; I bought three Old Navy role up type at the end of the season for like 6 bucks each. They are easy to wash and move all around the yard following the shade. I also have a very large cushy one from Costco that is out there if the dogs have to be out for a long while. Yesterday we again had workers in the house so the dogs were outdoors. With the recent rains the beds were all tucked away under a tarp. I noticed the dogs all standing staring through the back door; when I realized there were no beds out there for them.

I say that a big ole comfy bed is the best thing you could get your dog this Christmas and you do not have to spend a ton of money for them; I never do. So I have made a list where I buy my beds. I am also a "master discount shopper" ;) so I always check the clearance rack before looking elsewhere. You can buy beautiful beds at any pet store but they can get pricey.

TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Ross - these places always have an array of great beds, colors, textures and sizes.
Old Navy - these are not the big cushy ones but they are dense enough to give comfort and they can role up to go.
Costco - they have different sizes and colors. They also have a great sofa type that I finally was able to get for my dogs. The arms serve as wonderful head rests and the whole thing unzips to wash and only at 24.99. My dogs love it.

Make sure the bed cover can be zipped off for washing, beds get pretty stinky really quickly. Also check the cush factor; not all beds are made alike and although they may look comfy; they may not be. Push the bed down just like your dog would. If you can feel the floor through the bed don't bother. The more dense the bed the better; the whole idea is comfort and keeping your dog off the hard ground.

If you have a new puppy? Save your money for now on the bed and give them a big "OLD" blanket. Just until they get their little chewing issues in order.

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