Christmas tree destruction crew

We got out Christmas tree up this weekend. What a beauty; after much family debate in the tree lot with everyone wanting different trees we ended up bringing home a tree that had not even been unwrapped yet. None of us could agree on a tree so after being at the lot for what seemed to be hours we chose a tree that no one could see and took the plunge. Well; it is the best tree we've ever had. As my husband unwrapped the tree and its branches start to peek out from the ropes in the back door we all held our breath. Ta Da gorgeous. I think this will be a new tradition.

Jessie joined us at the lot; she went crazy with all the smells and was quite literally crawling into all the trees. Who knows what sort of critters had been in the trees but she sure knew they'd been there and was hoping a few might still be in there for her to devour. Everyone smiled, ahhhhed and pointed at the little munchkin in her fleece jacket. No one would ever know that she was from Canada and had lived through some of the worst freezing winters by her shivering in the California winter.

My dogs have all lived through many Christmas trees; so worrying about the destruction of the tree via a dog is not a concern at all. There is a small amount of curiousity when it first comes in; I allow a bit of sniffing and then thats it, away with you. I probably shouldn't even say this; you know what happens when you brag about something. Sure enough the day after it will all come crashing down around you but here goes. Our dogs are great with the tree even when we go out; no one touches it. Now the gifts that will be under the tree is entirely different; more on that at a later date.

So what do you do if you have a new dog that doesn't know about the tree rules? It is sad when a dog destroys a tree; especially because there is no reason for it. A few simple steps will keep your tree intact.

1. do not leave your dog alone with your tree if you are unsure; if you go out make sure your dog is safely contained away from the tree

2. supervise at all times; it only takes one great experience of pulling off a bobble and chewing it to engrain an unwanted behavior for the future

3. use body language to discourage tree interest; stand up abruptly and walk towards your dog making them back off.

4. if your dog knows and understands the leave it exercise; use it.

This is truly my favorite time of year.

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