Dogs as accessories

Okay, I had to talk about this today. Having spent a good part of yesterday at the mall with my daughters; we saw several accessory dogs. Yes I guess Paris and Britney have had quite an impact on the whole k9 world that has lasted a good long while. The trend started along time ago and it was one that I hoped would fizzle out quickly.

But no, it is alive and growing. Tiny pocket pooches in a very expensive doggy duffle bag thrown over your shoulder while you shop. Give me a break; first I notice the dog of course, I have a very sensitive dog radar. Next I look to see who is carrying this little munchkin; and as always it is a surgically altered blonde human.

You can tell right away that this gal has money; either that or to look this way and portray the image she is trying so hard to portray; she now has no money. One of the girls dog was yapping up a storm and her solution was to just keep whapping it in the face; funny it didn't work. This whole trend bothers me to no end.

Do these dog carriers understand that these are animals? Do they spend quality time allowing their dog to engage in dog type activities? Do they even know that dogs have amazing personalities? I'm thinking not; I'd like to think otherwise but watching Paris and Britney sport their dogs in their arms or the ultra expensive dog carrier portrays a very different image.

The image that is portrayed is one of pure accessory. Even the smallest of dogs are dogs, not little furry statues that look cute with a new outfit. Not only does this have many other wannabe's sporting munchkin sized dogs as a status symbol but most are obtaining these dogs from the very high class skamming pet stores. Where we all know that the puppies come from Millers.

These places that prey on the rich and famous can boast that their puppies do not come from millers but only from breeders but we know better. I am here to tell everyone that any pet store that sells puppies gets them from millers. There may be different sized millers but no "reputible breeder" sells their puppies to pet store. That's it, that's all. There is no debating the fact.

I have been involved in the dog world for over 30 years and the good breeders who are concerned with the Mothers nutrition, health and temperament testing, have pups checked at the vet are not going to casually send their pride and joy off to a store where who knows where they will end up.

Here is a good video to watch, just copy and paste.

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