Baking up a storm

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I was in the kitchen baking up a storm. With the holiday season comes the special Christmas baking at our house; it's a tradition. Before I was a dog trainer or photographer I was a baker; I was known as the cookie lady. Each weekend I would arrive at the local Farmers Market with all my cookies and each weekend I would sell out. I love to bake and I find it very relaxing; so I was thinking lastnight that I should start making dog cookies for my guys.

I regularly give my dogs cookies; Blue Dog Bakery cookies are by far their favorite. Trader Joe peanut butter cookies are now made by Blue Dog so every week I grab a box while I'm shopping. But I would like to make a cookie or treat for them that is higher in protein that could be used more as a snack than a treat; so the search is on. There will first be hunting for the recipe, then the test of who will eat these.

Pretty much the girls will eat anything I give them, Luke is my big challenge. But I tell you this dog is more human than any other in his preference in food. I made a family favorite of coconut squares lastnight and Luke pretty much sat and drooled at my husband while he ate them. Finally my husband decided to give them all a very small taste to see if they would like them. Typically; like I said my girls will eat anything so of course they ate the squares. But Luke normally takes quite a while sniffing and test licking before he consumes anything new; this he knew already was something he wanted to eat after sniffing the coconut air filled kitchen. He gobbled down a piece and was ready for the next.

Yes Luke like dairy products and sweets; they are his favorite. He is also a big meat eater but not all meat, his preference is roast or steak. He likes things with flavor; not just the fact that they are meat. So the snacks I make must taste good and they will be made preferably all organic. As I know what Luke likes I will be tasting them as well to make sure that it is something he will eat over time and not just once and then be over them.

If anyone has a great high protein snack treat recipe for dogs; send it over and I'll give it a whirl.

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