Monday, Monday

Good morning; just as I was signing on I saw 210 posts. Wow, that's alot of writing. I have to admit I love to write about dogs, your dogs, my dogs and everything in between. I didn't realize I had written that many posts already, pretty cool.

This morning I am planning my day, with the holiday season in full craziness I have decided of late to think about each day as it comes. Trying to go over the week ahead puts me into a state of panic so this day to day thing has kept me on track and actually accomplishing more of the things on my to do lists.

Today is dog wash day; although poodles do not have a doggy smell like other breeds like my little Jack Russell they can get pretty smelly. The smell comes from all of their runs in the canyon. When it is dry they turn up all the dirt and it stays in their coats. Poodles resemble very large velcro pieces and like velcro everything sticks to them.

So before my holiday guests arrive they will all be cleaned up today. Luke and Tilley had their feet shaved yesterday and surprisingly LUke was a very good boy about it all. I like to keep the bottom of their feet shaved and the top I just scissor. Tilley had her face cleaned up a little; she is just too beautiful to have a big mop of hair hiding her face.

First thing this morning I will be baking again with what I'm assuming will be a full audience. The dogs will have their meal prepared and then after that, baking time. Once I'm all done that and cleaned up it will be into the shower for all. It's cooler today which means I need to blow dry the dogs. They all love it and both Tilley and Luke will often come into the bathroom in the morning to be blow dried while I do my own hair.

First they will have their ritual zoom around the yard jumping and biting anything in their path and then the dry. Jessie does a couple of quick shakes and then it is a sunbeam for her. Even with her short hair it takes a while to get all dry.

Busy, busy, busy.

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