Little helpers

Good morning; yesterday I spent the afternoon doing some much needed gardening. The Canadian gardener in me shuts down once the colder weather arrives. In Canada when fall arrives everything in the garden is cut back and that's it until spring. It is hard for me to muster up the energy to garden in the winter. At least everything slows down and you really aren't suppose to fertilize for a couple of months giving everything a break.

Luke loves when I'm gardening; I'm not sure why but it seems that the boys have always enjoyed gardening along with me. Clyde; who was my heart dog for 13 years loved going from garden to garden as I tended to the many perennial gardens we had. Now Luke loves it although he is a more active participant and makes me laugh everytime we garden.

Luke loves to help and I know that in his mind he figures "okay; we're gardening today." He likes to get his nose deep into whatever I'm doing. If I am weeding he loves to help; pulling anything he thinks should not be in the garden. Although his choice of what gets pulled out is not always correct. Actually he is rarely correct and has to be redirected by me.

He loves to dig but he is not a crazy digger for no reason; if I'm digging he figures we're digging today, so I keep a close eye on what gets dug up. Every so often I have to jump up on the hill beside the house to weed; Luke then patiently watches and waits until I get back. He is an amazing gardening guard as well. As I become lost in what I'm doing, not a single soul could sneak up on me without my guardian alerting me.

He makes me smile as I watch him watching me to see what we are doing. If I am rustling through the garden he will take his long furry face and root through the garden as well; doing his part. Ince in a while I will look up to see him standing inches by me; his body quickly lowers as he delivers a kiss smack dab on my lips.

Yes he has dubbed himself my assitant and although he is not the best gardener; he is the best companion anyone could ever wish to have.

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