New Years Eve

Good morning, it is New years Eve day. I cannot believe that an entire year has once again flown past us. It seems like only yesterday that I was transferring notes from my 06 Calendar to my new 07 one. With each new year comes new memories and my most prominent ones are of moving to a new home, switching career gears in a new direction and of course starting my blog. I love dog behavior and to be able to write a bit about it each day is very enjoyable and I hope helpful in some small way.

I am focusing on my books in the new year and trying to stay on track. Being that I am very geared to dog behavior can be sometimes a hinderance when I need to just sit down and work. I'd much rather be out there getting dirty. But if my books are ever to get done I will have to buckle down. I have a book on training which will very soon be done and several photo books in the midst.

The next blog I write will be next year so all the best to everyone. I know that 08 will be a good one and I hope that all of you with your great dogs have a wonderful kick off to a New Year.

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