January 02, 2008

Good morning, well its back at it. I actually have one more day of the Holidays and then its back to the grind. I am looking forward to all the great dogs I will meet this years; oh and guardians of those great dogs. I have several big projects in the works and hopefully will have my book that is just about finished out for Christmas 08.

Funny how we make claims to change our lives each time the current year passes and we move into the next. Our dogs just keep on going; not knowing that there is anything different from one day to another. My dogs have a great life but not all dogs are as lucky so one goal of mine is to help the less fortunate dogs.

I will also do my best to get puppy millers and pet stores into the general public knowledge. There has lately been alot of news about millers and the link between pet stores but there are still people that don't know. I think celebrities are some of the biggest problem. They know about pet stores and yet they still frequent and purchase their dogs there. Celebrities wield alot of power and it is a shame that they do not use that power to shut the pet stores down.

I truly believe that if Oprah did a puppy mill special that things might change. It seems that Oprah can do what the regular media cannot; heck look at Dr. Oz and what we learn about health. If she could do the same thing with Millers I think we might just see a change in the publics purchasing of puppies.

One project I am working on will have me traveling around town quite a bit looking for great dogs to photograph. I am very excited about this and will have my dogdar on full power. I met a very cool little Italian greyhound two days ago down near Dana Point. You would have thought the little guy was out in a blizzard the way he was shivering. Even with the cute fleece jacket that he had on he was still very chilly. I really like IGs; they are a cute but fragile breed.

While looking out at the ocean I was attempting to describe a Leonberger to my guests. The Leonberger is mostly confused with a large shepherd mix; they are a wonderful breed. As I was looking for breed mixtures to explain what they looked like; there sat a Leo on the rocks. I did a wonderful shoot in the water at Dana with a leonberger several years ago which this dog was probably related to.

So, its a new year and I have work to do.

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