The regret setting in

It is now several days past the "big one." The special day has come and gone for another year and many people who got what they thought they always wanted for Christmas are now having some doubt creep into their minds. Many are parents who may not have heard that you should NEVER give someone a puppy for Christmas. Some may have heard warnings but ignored the idle thoughts of others. Well, this is when either the gifter or receiver can have regret.

Christmas morning was amazing with those big brown eyes peering up at you. Your dream had come true; you got your puppy for Christmas. All day long you played with the newest family member; even gave her a name of her own. This was your big day and your new puppy's big day. The love of your life came into your life just when you wanted her to. But now she is making a mess, biting everyone, barking and being a general nuisance.

I'm really hoping that there are not alot of minds that have been changed. It is a sad day when a puppy must leave a home where they are just growing accustom to and start anew. I'm not saying that all rehoming is bad; far from it. I would much prefer someone to rehome a dog that they don't want. An unwanted dog is not a happy dog; there is no special bond, no special care or treatment from a person who doesn't want you.

So yes, rehoming can sometimes be a good thing but mostly it is something which could have been avoided. Adding a puppy to your family is HUGE; it is a life. You are adding a new member to your family; one which needs to be thought out and rethought out. I have written many articles about being ready for a dog and I truly wish I could send them out to everyone contemplating a puppy a month before Christmas.

Everything these days seem to be far too easily disposed of. Dogs come with heartache, headache and frustration. It takes alot of work on your part to make sure that this new little bundle of joy has enough education to be the great dog that they can be. I have talked people through "getting rid" of their dog. Some people I have coaxed to place their new amazing little canine package. Homes where I see mistreatment and no patience for the regular antics of a puppy. There are alot of homes where puppies are welcome with open arms and surrounded with love, this is where they belong.

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