Saturday morning

Saturday morning has come and gone already. The poodles had their run around the neighborhood; its raining again, weird but welcome. The weather is cool and their coats are coming in nicely for the winter months. This morning the dogs had roasted beef, cod liver oil, flax, carrots, orange pepper and potato. Luke ate every bit; leaving Jessie nothing but a slimy film in his bowl.

Today I wanted to discuss customer service. The topic has stemmed from a non dog situation; although the dogs do love sitting on the couch(yes its about my couch set). But dog services should also have great customer service. Is customer service not one of the most important issues for a business? I think it definitely is and I have always tried whether in training, writing or my photography to always make the customer happy.

I always go the extra mile; because I know if the customer is not happy then what is your business worth? If one of my training clients does not understand or cannot get a behavior with their dog; its my job to make sure they do get it. Even if that means adding another session at no charge or staying way late until they do get it.

Animal products and services should receive as much PR as human products and services. I have started training with people who hired and paid another trainer up front only to have that person never call or come back again. I don't even get that; how can people live with themselves.

Word of mouth is the best advertising there is and if it's bad; it gets around even faster. I for one make a point of spreading the word of bad service; especially when animals are involved. One of the worst things someone can do is be rude to a client; hello. How can anyone think that this is a good idea?

Anyway, enough of my rant. Customer service is huge for me so if I receive bad customer service; believe I will spread the word. And if I receive great customer service I will return to that business and spread the news as well.

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