Back on track & safety supervision

After a trial new "dog food" experience I sifted out all the bad and got rid of it. Now that I feed my guys homemade food and raw; I am filled with guilt if I have to resort to dog food. I have been very sick over the holidays so one day I asked my daughter to please pick up a small bag of Canidae which is what I use to feed the pooches. Like a true Mother I felt so guilty putting their bowls down and having to resort to "dog food." But as I start to feel better; I'm over it and realize that sometimes you just have to slip a bit.

The dog food was just one day and they actually seemed to enjoy it for a change. Although Luke did give me one "dog food?" look. I am really looking forward to my husband getting out and fishing again as the freezer is now empty. I like to offer my guys a wide variety of foods so when I have a freezer full of fish it is easy to cook something different each night. Although Luke's absolute favorite food is beef.

Lastnight one of my daughters boyfriends was telling us a story about a man who lost his dog to choking. The dog had lodged a ball in its throat and with every attempt to save it; the dog was lost. I know a couple of dogs who choked to death on rawhides. One was a 13 year old bull terrier who I had known since she was a puppy. How sad to have a dog live to a ripe old age and then be taken so suddenly and tragic?

It is of the utmost important not to have small items laying around your home. We have two standard poodles who weight in at just over 50lbs and a small JRT at 15lbs. We deal with this by having only large toys and chew bones. Our little Jessie has adjusted to using whopper sized toys and chews, she a big dog in small clothes. I don't ever want to have to deal with any choking issues because of having too small of items laying around.

It is just as important to go through your dogs toys and chews to check for serious damage. We have a large basket of toys and chews and I regularly check to make sure everything is in working order. If there are any small or ripped pieces they get tossed.

Accidents happen but with special attention put towards safety, they can mostly be avoided.


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