Well, I tried a new "dog food" lastnight. I like to keep actual dog food on hand for times when I just don't have the time to make real or buy raw for my guys. Sort of like when we need to resort to fast food; its not optimum but those times do arise. I was at my local Henry's yesterday so I bought a tiny bag of Paul Newman's food to try. I got home and opened up the bag for my dogs to have a taste; they all liked the taste even Luke.

So I put a tiny bit of it in their food lastnight to see how that went, not good. In the middle of the night I heard the heaving, one of the noises that has you out of bed and running before you are even awake. Unfortunately it was Luke who does not have a long heaving process and moves quickly to hurl. With only a tiny light on I tried to get Luke out onto the balcony for his second round; dogs always heave at least twice. Of course I was doing something out of the ordinary so this upsets the poor fellow.

He was up on the bed running around trying to avoid me; it doesn't take much to freak out my nervous ninny boy. Once I had him I placed him calmly out on the balcony hoping that the rest would be upchucked outside on a hoseable surface. After several moments it seemed there was no more to come, very odd there is always two heaving sessions. So I let him in, cleaned up the first very small mess and went back to bed.

You guessed it; as soon as I had dozed off the heaving started again. This time I was like lightning with my head spinning as I tried to reach him in time. There was no pile, just a small spot on the carpet where he had placed his stomachs rejected portion of Paul Newman's food; I soaked it up, poured water on it and went back to bed. I knew he had another one in him. This brings me to carpet; who invented carpet. Honestly it is the most stupid surface in the universe. Even if you don't have dogs or kids it is still a giant sponge. Well this carpets life in my new house will not be long.

We mostly have tile and wood flooring which suits me just fine. I like the whole throw rug idea; something you can pick up and take to get cleaned or throw in the machine. Having dogs the age which my dogs are you start thinking more of senior mishaps now. There was a day that chewing and housebreaking accidents were more on my mind but not now. I like to have my house set up for ease of having dogs. I enjoy a hassle free life and if I want dogs and a hassle free life I have to work towards that.

There are many things one can do to make living with dogs flow; carpet is not one of them.

Sorry Paul, your food is scratched off the list.

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