Beautiful sunday morning walk

I just got back from a walk with the three dogs and my hubby. What a beautiful day, it is in the low 60s, sunny and bright. We took them on the normal canyon trail; and I brought my camera. I got some great shots. The canyons are turning green with the rains we had in early December. It is a nice change of scenery from the bleak scrubby look. There are still remnants of scrubs but the green is what catches your eye first.

I'm hoping to use some of the shots in my book that I am working on. Of course I will include that these three own me. They had so much fun and I actually encouraged digging today for the shoot. Typically I only let Jessie dig; she lives to dig and it gives her a great source of energy release and exercise. I don't usually let Luke dig just because he is a giant piece of velcro and Jessie has a wipe and go coat.

But today I let him go till his heart content and he did. I just now finished washing 12 feet and one very disgusting face. For a nervous ninny Luke is a very good boy about getting cleaned up. But that simply comes from past experience; he knows that I would never do anything to hurt him so he puts complete trust in me. I will hopefully post some of the gross face shots that I got of him; talk about a happy dog.

So now everyone is in the back; they are cleaned up, had their breakfast and are now relaxing in the sun. I think I'll join them.

Have a great Sunday.

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