As I had blogger block this morning; it just came to me that a great subject would be the "cling-on." You know those embarassing poops that just will not come off. And you know it almost always happens when you are standing in the middle of a crowded area. It doesn't bother me when it happens; except that I know people are uncomfortable when it does. In fact my own kids are fairly mortified if it happens in front of them.

My nice trip to Laguna Beach this week with my daughters started with just such an incident. It is almost always Jessie my little Jack Russell; and this I know is because she is a bottom feeder. Bottom feeder meaning she is constantly licking something off of the floor. With three human females in the house having long hair it is bound to happen on a weekly basis. Hair is probably #1.

So there we were; Jessie actually made it to the sand before pooping which was pretty much amazing. But as soon as she hit the sand the urge was more than she could bare and out it came. Jessie is also a travelling pooper which I hate. Anytime I have to pick up after her I follow a trail, it never comes in a nice neat pile. With her little body in pooping position and walking we waited and waited and waited. One of my daughters was dying and the other laughing at the dying one.

I know my dogs and this one seemed like it was going to work itself out. I stood between Jessie and her audience; I wanted to give her a little privacy although she could care a less. It finally happened; everything hit the beach; I picked it up and we went on our merry way. The incident was now history and a very good learning experience for my girls, sh*# happens; literally.

This sort of thing happens alot when you live with a pack of dogs. I can't even remember how many times I have had to assist in the removal of foreign objects. When you have a puppy; you can get daily surprises. All of a sudden you might just find something that you thought you had lost. But grass, plastic wrap, twin, thread and hair seem to be the biggest culprits.

The one thing you must do is get tough, get over the fact that you are helping your dog to eliminate some waste. Sometimes there is nothing out of the ordinary going on; just some unwanted poop that has lingered. Wiping rear ends does not end when your children learn to do it themselves, we have our dogs to keep us strong. I am the only one in my house that will help a dog in need when poop is the issue. Both my poodles are horrified if something remains when they are done. They will run around as if to escape the grasp of the unwanted poop. I have to help them; they need me.

I will not have one of those dogs who have a good year or so build up in their rear end; nope. So as I said sh*( happens; get over it and give your dog a hand.

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