Its raining cats and dogs, mostly just dogs

Its raining again and its raining hard. We had a moment this morning when it stopped and I rounded up the pack and sent them out. Luke is my biggest rain wimp being that he was born and raised in Southern California. He went out and made a fast U turn to the door. I told him through the door "hurry up." So he turned around again and made a mad dash to the grass; barely even squatted and he was done. Everyone ran back into the house; you'd of thought it was blizzarding out.

I had several shoots scheduled for today which will be cancelled due to train and I'm really hoping that I can squeeze everyone in this week if indeed it does stop raining. The areas around here where there was so much fire damage are suffering now. Anyone in the bad mud slide areas have been evacuated; I can't imagine having to grab the kids and the dogs and leave everytime we get bad rains. This will happen until the land has a chance to take root again. Which luckily seems to be happening now.

I was on a drive to a shoot lastweek and noticed that all the hills have a green haze on them; really beautiful. We've had alot of rain already this year so although its good it is also bad. And then there is the dogs who hate the rain or at least going out in the rain to go to the bathroom. This was probably my biggest complaint from training clients. Sometimes the answer is to go out with your dog. Just go buy a raincoat and deal with it; we get rain for such a short time here in Southern California.

I am looking forward to a day of writing; my training book is almost done and I have photo work to do as well.

Well, I best get at it.

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