The transformation of non-dog to dog person

What makes some people “dog people” and others not? What does it take to turn a non-dog person into a dog person? It takes but a fragment of a moment for these non-dog lovers to discover the connection that a human can have with the canine species. In the blink of an eye the transformation of non-dog to dog person occurs.

Throughout the not so distant history there are I’m sure; 100’s of stories of people who never got the whole “dog thing” who transformed into diehard dog people. I for one have been a dog person my entire life; I never had a choice in the matter it was always there. Many people I talk to want to know my background; did I come from a dog family? Nope.

To be a true dog person; you were like that from the start and only found out with the introduction of a dog into your life to discover this fact. Or your life took a new turn with the unexpected relationship you formed with a member of the canine species. It could be a childhood memory that took you into the category of “dog lover.” It could have been the dog you added to your family for the kids and never foresaw a connection.

Did that little puppy that you brought home for the kids wriggle it’s way into your heart when you were not watching? Maybe a friend asked you to pet sit for them. Perhaps you didn’t even like dogs let alone love them. But being the good friend you are; you agreed. Within a day or two you noticed that this other species had a personality. Not only did it put up with you being in their house with them, they seemed to like you.

Within a matter of days you actually enjoyed spending time with this canine species. Once your friend returned home and took over the care of her dog again you missed the little guy. How could this happen to a person who was so not into dogs? You know how it happens? by the sheer fact alone that dogs are amazing and give us more than you could ever imagine. Until you have loved and been loved by a dog you are truly missing out on an amazing experience in life.

It can happen to the most stuck in their ways non-dog people; those who couldn’t imagine sharing their immaculate home with an animal. An animal that not only sheds all over the house (mine of course do not shed), but they might pee or poop on the carpets, drool, scratch or chew things up as well; how could this creature be in your home?

All it takes is the moment of connection and your sunk.


  1. Sherri, although my daughter was always raised in a home with dogs, she was never a dog person. She literally had no interest in interacting with our dogs. Until......we took Sadie in as a puppy to foster as we readied her for adoption. My daughter fell head-over-heels in love with her and begged us to keep her. Since then, one by one she has come to adore all 5 Poodles and can't wait until she can have a house with a yard so she can get her own!

  2. Isn't it cool how it happens. Both my girls were not interested in the dogs growing up at all. Then my son came along and the dogs had to get use to a kid who wanted to interact with them. Now all my kids love dogs but one almost as much as me.

  3. So true! I have a friend who grew up TERRIFIED of dogs. Her college room mate had a Rottie that she HAD to learn to deal with. She slowly came over her fear of dogs. Then, her boyfriend brought home a doxie/pug mix. She ended up with 5 rescued dogs, and is definately now a dog person! It just takes that one to take your heart away!


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