Monday, monday!

Ah yes, still sick. I'm about fed up with this sick stuff, but I shouldn't complain. It could be far worse; I'm just not good and being down and not my busy self. My daughter said today that she thinks the dogs are liking me being sick. I think she's right, they seem to like the fact that when I sit down, I'm down for a good long while. Luke was my very attentive guardian lastnight. He sat watching me; he watched me so closely that I had to say something about it. I asked him if he would like to lay beside me and he jumped up from his post at the end of the couch and pretty near crushed me with his hip bones as the lay right on top of me.

Again this morning the dogs were more than happy to sleep in and even with some strong coaxing to get up and go out they reluctantly agreed to go with my daughter outside. They were only out for business and as soon as they were let back in; all three charged upstairs and barked to get back into the sick room. I believe they like us being more stationary and love laying for hours with us.

But hopefully tomorrow will bring more energy to get up and brush off this sick bug. I have alot of work to do and have to get out there and get some great shots for a new book I am working on. I can never wait to meet new dogs and especially a new breed that I have not worked with. I ask alot of questions of my guardians; those who have a breed that is new to me must wonder if I'm with the FBI; I ask that many questions. I like to know about all breeds and even if it is a breed I am accustom to I like to look at each one as an individual and learn from all the new dogs.

I am now specializing in Companions and their animals; I love the connection between people and their animals. I was specializing in dogs but what I want to capture is the connection between animal and human. For some that means a guinea pig, horse or kitten not just dogs. But dogs are still my real specialty within a specialty.

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