Not a great start

Well, we are not off to a great start for the New Year. My son came down with a bad flu, cough, fever and aches on Wednesday. Yesterday my husband and I came down with it. We spent the day watching movies yesterday and the same today. The dogs have been by my side the entire time. Infact Luke never even got out of bed this morning until well past 11:30; what a sleepy head. The girls had at least gotten up to go out but were back in bed with us right after.

My son let the dogs out early this afternoon for me and they came in frantic to find me. They obviously know that something is up. I was on the leather couch, a place I am only ever on if we are watching movies at night so they all ran around the house panicked to find me. Luke is the leader; if he cannot locate me immediately he tends to panic. He ran right by me several times but was in such a state that he didn't notice me there.

Once he calms down a bit he uses his senses to find me. I prepare myself for the onslaught, everyone dives onto me like they hadn't seen me in a month. I fed them only minutes before but I wasn't where they thought I should be so everyone gets nervous. These dogs are great when you are bedridden; they are more than happy to spend the day there with us.

Thank goodness I do not have a puppy right now. Things have to look up for the weeks to come, hopefully.

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