Wet Dogs

I'm on a mission and today is a great day to start. We are again suppose to have rain; it hasn't started yet but they say it's coming. I'm truly hoping that it is coming because I want some shots of dogs in the rain. This may sound easy but can be a challenge because I don't want my camera in the rain. Water is something that photographers stay clear of unless of course they have special protective gear.

Being that I live in Southern California I have not sprung for one of the fancy raincoats you can purchase for my camera but may do shortly. A couple of years ago I was regularly shooting H.S. Varsity football and when it threatened to rain one Friday night I set out to find some raingear. Living in SoCal; there was not much to choose from so opted for the ever popular plastic bag. But now I'd like to really get out there when it is not just raining but pouring.

So until I get some super rain gear for my camera I will be forced to remain under something. My camera is a beast when fully outfitted so I cannot hold an umbrella and shoot at the same time so I will be looking for permanent type covers to hide under. These rainy days are few and far between here in SoCal so maybe visiting Seattle or somewhere in Oregon might be a good idea.

Some dogs; especially the ones that live here in SoCal are not big fans of the rain and yet there are many dogs that don't seem to even notice. My breed loves the water but having a full coated poodle out in the rain is not my favorite thing. I don't mind that they get wet or dirty but it is the drying time involved; their coats are much like giant sponges. Whereas the short coated breeds like labs, Jack russells or Vizslas are wipe dry type dogs.

And there is always that "wet dog smell" that goes along with the rain. Well, here's hoping we get the rain today.

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