breeding and selling for color

Somedays its easier to find a topic to write about than others. This morning I was on the Pets3you website looking at all the standard poodle breeders when I noticed how many more people are breeding partis poodles. And this is just since my last visit which was probably oh about 6 months ago. I was shocked; this has really taken off in a bad way.

Few people know how great standard poodles are because of their false exterior. People look at them and immediately think "oh a poodle." This in itself has kept them fairly rare, you don't see them around like labs and goldens. Which for the breed is a good thing. But now they have started breeding partis, phantoms (marked like a doberman) brindles and tuxedos. These are all basically two color poodles which are yes stunning because of their rarity but now people are pummping them out because of the "rare aspect." And unfortunately we humans want whatever is new and different.

These parti poodle breeders are charging a fortune. Now not all of them; there are the few ethical breeders out there. But most I have to say are cashing in. The proof is in the pudding as they say. When you call about a litter and they have a mix of partis and solids; the partis are 2,000.00 and up and solids around the 900.00-1,000.00 mark. Hmmmmmm, how does that make any sense at all.

Take a look at the websites, what you are seeing is a fashion show of colors and markings. "Oooooh look at this flashy marked little bitch, or check out the rare but amazing blue and white parti." Sad, but these puppies are being sold solely for their coat color. Many of you know that I do puppy temperament testing which means I test each puppy from a litter individually to see which type of family situation would best suit them. This has absolutely nothing to do with the color of the dog.

Honestly, picking a puppy because of its color is like choosing new wallpaper. Do not be suckered in by these people; a dog of a different color is still a dog and this dog may not be the dog for your family. And to me if they are charging more for a color? These are the breeders to stay away from; far away from.

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