How much should a second hand dog cost?

Whether you get your second hand dog from a shelter, a rescue group or the family down the street who cannot keep their dog; how much should you expect to pay? Afterall getting a puppy from a very reputible and ethical breeder will cost you 1,000.00 and up. A while back I asked a lady how much she was charging for some very adorable puppies and she said "3,000.00" I almost had a heart attack.

Some people really would love to go to a RB (reputible breeder) but the initial output cost is just out of their budget. And some people don't feel like they should have to pay 1,000.00 and up for a good dog and it's true' you don't. I know people who got their dog outside of a store from a guy with puppies in box that were a mere 25.00 and they turned out to be great dogs. Shelters have a set fee for their dogs which is usually around the 200.00 mark. This is a clearly understandable cost as they have overhead and the dogs usually comes spayed or neutered, microchipped and are UTD on vaccinations.

There are wonderful rescue groups who have tireless volunteers who put their goal in life to end the homeless pet issue. Often they put their own money into these dogs; asking for little in return. It is usually more difficult to acquire a dog from a great rescue as these volunteers want only the best for the dogs who have found themselves through no fault of their own in a bad situation. I commend these rescue groups.

But then there are the people who lets just call them "large rescue groups" to define them in someway who charge outrageous amounts of money for the dogs. What exactly is the cost of a taking in dogs, housing and caring for them? Firstly, most actual rescue groups are non profit; some claim to be non profit but they are making quite a bit of money by accepting only cash. Recently I was discussing one particular rescue group who is very questionable in all of the practices. This one rescue group accepts only cash and upwards of 1000.00 for their dogs. I was shocked, this is no rescue. Not at 1,000.00 a dog CASH; this is quite the little money making business.

The whole idea of a rescue is to care for animals until you can find a fabulous new home for a dog. So you charge as little as you can but do not give away dogs for free. The most important factor is that the dog finds a forever home and does not end up in the same situation ever again.

I think around the 200.00 mark; give or take a 100.00 is a good price. If you are the one looking to place your dog into a new home because you made an impulsive purchase at the pet store; don't try to get your money out of the deal. Finding a family to give your dog a great home is what matters. You made the mistake you pay the price.

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